Vermilicon is a fork of the iconic Feather and Lucide icon packs. This wonderful SVG icon pack is suitable for any project with the friendly, permissive, ISC license. Get your pixel-perfect design with 500+ icons and 30+ logos.

This project has removed the depreciated brand icons and added a set of logos icons. These logos do not conform to the Feather design goals, and are instead true to the representative brand. Do not use any icons in the logos directory for any purpose except to represent the company, project, service, or other entity to which they refer.



Just want the static files? I feel ya partner. All the icons can be found in the icons and logos directories of this project, already optimized. Dump the SVG files into your location of choice and plug em into your website as you would any other SVG. The wombats of the group can also use NPM for this.

# Clone it!
git clone [email protected]:whateverbits/vermilicon.git
# Wget it!
# NPM it!
npm i vermilicon


Want it as a Hugo module? You got it boss. Mosey on over to your Hugo project directory and begin the modulation process.

Initialize your project as a Hugo module, use the git repository of your project. This can be any repository, GitLab, GitHub, local, etc.

hugo mod init

Add the Vermilicon Hugo module to your project’s config file.

path = ""

You may receive an error stating the module requires at least one mount when using the mod get command. Should this be the case, add the following redundant module mounts to your project’s config file. These mounts are already included in the Vermilicon module config, but will fulfill Hugo’s desire for mounts during the mod get process.

path = ""
source = "partials/"
target = "layouts/partials/"
source = "shortcodes/"
target = "layouts/shortcodes/"

Run the Hugo mod get command to download the module. The -u flag will download the latest version of all specified modules in the config file.

hugo mod get -u

The module will not show up in your project directory, but instead be stored in Hugo’s cache (/tmp/hugo_cahce). To store the module with your project files, run the mod vendor command. All vendored modules will be stored in the _vendor directory at the root of your project.

hugo mod vendor

Use the icons in your project as partials or shortcodes.

{{ partial "vermilicon" "code" }}
{{< vermilicon "binary" >}}

To use the Vermilicon CSS stylesheet, add the following <link> to your projects <head> after installing the module.

{{ with resources.Get "vermilicon/css/vermilicon.css" }}<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ .RelPermalink }}">{{ end }}


Vermilicon is distributed on GitLab under the ISC License.